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3D wall panel Choc 80/62.5cm /ограничено количество/

3D wall panels made from bamboo fibres and sugar cane.
They are innovative, creative, ecologically clean product which is easily installed.
The 3D wall panels are your choice because in that way you can decide best what you need – they are the balance between the aesthetics and durability. The highest quality combined with a bespoke design and careful usage of the natural environment.
3D wall panels help to protect the environment.
3D wall panels are clean natural products made from recycled row materials – containing pressed up bamboo fibres and sugar cane. The bamboo is a very tall plant. It is one of the fast recovering resources. The 3D wall panels are clean and 100% dissolvable products. With them you take a responsibility for the people, environment, the climate and the future.

The benefits of our wall panels:
they don’t contain or generate harmful substances,
extremely light and durable natural product,
easy for installation,
you can use your imagination to paint them,
stylish design with 3D effect,
Warm and Sound insolation.

Our 3d panels can be installed in your home (the living room or kids room for example), as well as offices or public institutions. They will give custom, individual looks of hotels, restaurants, train stations, airports, schools, photo studios, nurseries, cinemas and tethers. They are designed as such so when they placed next to each other they form a model. After their installation they can be painted with acrylic paint in any colour which suits you.

The price is for a single panel 50 x 50cm. For area of 1 square meter you would need 4 panels of this model.

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